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My Own Online Store

Now you can buy direct from me

This all started with me following a long-nurtured dream to return to creating art, after a career of decades in architecture. As I got back into printmaking and built up my portfolio, I listed my artworks on various online selling platforms - Artfinder, Etsy and eBay, to name a few - and gathered a modest following. I also succeeded in getting various local galleries and outlets to stock my work. All good, except the commissions charged by the platforms and outlets can be as much as 35%, making my prints less affordable to many potential buyers.

The Design Trust gives good advice to emerging artists, which is (to paraphrase):

While you are establishing yourself as an artist, avoid using selling platforms with high commissions, and rather have your own website to channel buyers to, to buy directly from you.

So, at last I've done that, got Alison Pearce Art & Design on the right track and the show on the road!

Thank you for visiting and welcome to my website.

Do feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions, suggestions or requests.

Meet the Maker

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Artist-printmaker Alison Pearce

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