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Meet the Boys!

I recently spotted some line doodles that someone close to me had drawn and I immediately saw their potential for linocut! It's something about the bold, fluid lines, the simple, irregular shapes and the clever way strokes of the pen give unique character to each one. So this artwork is a sort of collaborative effort between this person and myself, with their full knowledge, of course, although at this stage they are reluctant to be credited! They asked me: "What if people don't like them?" so I said that, as with any artwork, some people might not like them (the Boys, that is) but some people would love them. The doodles are probably produced in seconds, without much thought, so they have a marvellous spontaneity, flowing freely as they do from the subconscious.
This artwork is from a limited edition of 12, hand-printed by the artist (me) on 120 gsm acid-free Strathmore printmaking paper. There are two sets of linocut blocks which make this artwork. The background set, which provides textures and small areas of colour, is printed first, in quick-drying artists' quality water-based blue printing ink. The foreground set of blocks is printed in artists' quality oil-based printing ink to provide the crisp, bold black lines.
The print is sold unframed, for ease and economy of shipping. However, it is despatched in a commercially manufactured A4 size mount set, which comprises a mitre-cut textured off-white mount, backing board and cellophane bag. So not only is your purchase all ready to present as a gift (if that is your plan with it) but the mount set, together with other robust packaging, protects the print during shipping. There is plenty of margin for framing and the mount set can be discarded, if you have other plans for the print.

Meet the Boys

  • Image size: The actual image/picture size is 20 x 10 cm, or approximately 8 x 4" (allowing for the print number, title and signature, and a slight margin).

    Paper size (as trimmed to fit the mount set) is approximately 25 x 18 cm or 10 x 7".

    Mount size: A4, which is 29.7 x 21 cm or approximately 8 x 12".

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