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The name of this two-block linocut print came about because I happened to be reading 'Phineas Redux' by Anthony Trollope during the same period that I was creating it, so I decided to name it after a fictional wood that features in the book, Trumpeton Wood. (Nothing to do with Donald Trump!)


Actually, the design didn't start as a wood at all. It started as a tiny sketch I did of a distorted grid that I thought had graphic appeal and which just happened to suggest the trunks of trees and a forest floor. As I developed the design, I felt it needed a creature to animate it, and I decided on a horse. (It could even be Dandalo from the book.) The horse outline had to be carefully scaled and positioned to work with the tree trunks and the spaces between. 


So this is an original limited-edition linocut print produced by hand using artists' quality oil-based inks on 130 gsm acid-free archival Clairefontaine Simili Japon paper.


The artwork is sold unframed for ease and economy of shipping, but I have included some app-generated images showing it framed, for visualisation purposes. 


The print is sold unframed, but in a commercially-manufactured mount set, which comprises a mitre-cut mount (in slightly textured off-white), backing board and cellophane bag. So, not only is it all ready to present as a gift, but the mount set, together with other robust packaging, protects the print during shipping.


Wouldn't it make a perfect gift for a horse-lover?

Trumpeton Wood

    • Image size (metric): 185 x 230mm (240mm with signature at the bottom)
    • Image size (imperial): 7.5 x 9 inches (9.5 inches with signature at the bottom) approximately.
    • Mount size: 12 x 10" or 30.5 x 25.4 cm.
    • Mount colour: Textured Off White 
    • An original limited-edition linocut print produced by hand, using artists' quality oil-based inks.
    • Paper: 130 gsm acid-free archival Clairefontaine Simili Japon 
  • It is very important to me that you receive my print in good condition.

    The print is despatched unframed, but in a mount set which includes a cellophane bag. The mounted print is then sandwiched between two oversized sheets of greyboard and wrapped in securely-taped brown paper.

    The package is despatched using a tracked postal service.

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