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Alison Pearce Art & Design

Welcome to my website, which offers art for sale by artist printmaker Alison Pearce.

Buy affordable art, including original limited edition prints, directly from the artist. 

2021-02-20 Harvest Sentinels_1 of 50 edition_scan.jpg

All About Alison Pearce Art & Design

The Online Gallery of Works by the Artist Printmaker

What is it about printmaking? It's a combination of the artistic and the technical, and there's an element of... chance! When I gently peel that print off the block (or plate) there's a feeling of pure delight, and an element of surprise, when you see the results. There are some wonderful effects that can only be achieved with printmaking, and that's why I love it.
My background is architectural design, where good hand-drawing ability formed part of my skill set. However, the pandemic saw me drifting away from architectural work and committing to a 30-week Foundation in Printmaking course, something I would never have had time to do before, and which has been life-changing.
From 2021 I have been selling on various online platforms and at a few local galleries and outlets, but the problem is always the commission they add, isn't it? So, I have taken the helpful advice of The Design Trust, which is that when you are trying to establish yourself as an artist, it is best to have your own website from which you can sell direct, without the hefty commission.
My work is inspired by the patterns of nature, the play of light on buildings and the drama of landscapes. Also the grace and expressiveness of the human form. I should add that not all my work is printmaking. Please take a look and enjoy!

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working."

Pablo Picasso
(This quote resonates with me, and if you'd like to find out why, I'll be writing a blog post to explain!)

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Alison Pearce Art & Design is based in the Winchester district, central southern England, UK.

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